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Are there any restrictions on treatments?

Yes. Sound healing is not suitable someone in the first trimester of pregnancy. Nor is it suitable if you have had a psychotic breakdown, have untreated or unstable bipolar disorder, multiple personality disorder, or paranoid schizophrenia.

You also need to tell us if you have any metal implants in your body, a pacemaker or experience tonic-clonic seizures. Some treatments, such as Himalayan Massage, are unsuitable for someone with a pacemaker.

Do you treat terminal or chronic illnesses?

Yes, but we don't claim to offer cures for any illness. We offer treatments for many chronic illnesses, and will treat you if you have a terminal illness, after discussions with you, and if appropriate, your medical practitioners.

How should I prepare for my first session?

We recommend eating a light meal or snack beforehand - you don't want your stomach growling through the treatment, but nor do you want to feel uncomfortably full. Please make sure you are well hydrated; not doing so can affect the effectiveness of your session. We suggest wearing loose comfortable clothing; we don't mind if you come in baggy joggers if you're comfortable - and we don't judge mismatching socks either!

What do I need to bring?

For gong baths, we provide yoga mats, blankets, pillows and bolsters. Bring an eye mask if you'd like one (or buy one from us for £1). We recommend bringing a bottle of water. 

How do I find you? Where do I park?

We are situated on the first and second floors of our building. We have a blue door, with a large Earthtones sign on it. Our door is next to Cash Express and opposite the Old Eight Bells building.


There are several on-street parking spaces just outside our centre, which have a one-hour restriction until 6pm Mon-Sat, and are otherwise unrestricted. There are also three disabled spaces outside, with a three hour restriction.

The nearest car park is Toothill Lane car park (not to be confused with Toothill Road car park!). The postcode for SatNav is NG18 1NJ, When the pedestrian gates are open, you can walk down the steps and we are a few doors down on your left. If the gates are closed, you can take a 2 minutes walk from Toothill Lane round on to Church Street and we are a few doors up on your right.

What if I'm running late?

If you're coming for a gong bath and are lost or running late, please let us know! Call us on 01623 354754 before the start time of the session. If we know you are late or lost we can delay the start, and help you get here. If we don't hear from you, we will assume you are not coming and the session will begin on time. Once it has begun, we don't allow entry, even if you have booked and paid. This is because the other participants will have been taken into a meditative state and it's not fair on them to stop the session to allow latecomers to enter. Please note, if you arrive late and miss the session, we do not refund your payment. This is why it is important to let us know. Our phones are switched off once the session begins.

If you're coming for a private session of any kind, then please let us know if you are running late or are lost. We can help guide you to us, and we can delay the start of your session. However, it may mean that your session is cut short, if other clients are booked in after you.

Do you have another question? Email us or call us on 01623 354754

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