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Why I Love Sound Therapy

It’s thirteen years since I began my journey with Sound Therapy, when I began my first sound therapy qualification. So, why do I love Sound Therapy?

That’s easy; sound is my anchor - and my sails.

It's helped stand firm and not be swept away during a few of life's storms over the last few years. There have been some really hard times, such as my health reaching rock bottom and my decision to end my 18-year marriage. These were times when I could easily have been lost in the emotions, which certainly felt all-consuming at the time. But sound, particularly mantra and gong, kept me going, stopped me being lost. Held me. There’s something about the earthy vibration of the gong and the spiritual connection of mantra that bring you out of the emotion.

<img src="" alt="Mahala Gehna Sound Therapy Practitioner.jpg" />

Mahala Gehna Sound Therapy Practitioner.jpg

During calmer times, of which – thankfully – there have been many, sound has helped me too, like the sails of a ship moving it along. It's helped me develop my spiritual connection and sometimes even acts like a sonic mood board. Just like you use a mood board to visualise and manifest the things you want, mantra can be used to help manifest your goals. And I can't tell you how many of the creative ideas that I develop come to me first when I'm playing my Chau gong (the big two tone earthy one) for my own pleasure. Again, something about the vibration of the gongs gets my creative juices flowing and ideas which seem hard to put together at other times just come to my mind, almost fully formed. It’s wonderful to be able to let new ideas flow whilst I do one of my favourite things …. playing gongs! I feel very fortunate that this happens.

Sound is such an important part of my life; I'd be lost without it.

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