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Staying COVID-19 Secure as we Re-Open

It feels very strange to be writing this article; Earthtones has been closed since the beginning of March and whilst desperate to re-open, I’ve also been wary of doing so. I am now ready to re-open the studio and welcome clients back, but of course things will be different now. So this article is a run down of how I’m making sure it’s safe for you to come to a gong bath or a private session at Earthtones.

First of all, the studio has moved. We’re still in the same building but have moved to Studio 1, which is bigger and better suited to running safe sessions. The size means that I can run sessions at a third of the normal capacity and still make sure everyone is two metres apart. Spaces for mats have been marked out on the floor to ensure distancing is adhered to.

<img src="" alt="2020-07-14 14.12.27.jpg" />

2020-07-14 14.12.27.jpg

Many clients have been pleasantly surprised that mats and blankets have been provided for gongs baths, and I’ve always prided myself on the fact that all you needed to do was turn up. Unfortunately, that’s no longer the case; it’s not safe to supply these items at the moment and so attendees will need to bring a yoga mat, as well as blankets, pillows and masks if they are required. I also have to ask you to bring a water bottle, as I’m not able to offer glasses of water.

I’ve always asked you to remove your shoes before entering the studio, but now I also have to insist that you wear socks too. Everyone will be asked to use hand sanitiser as they enter the studio too. There are also sanitising stations and handwashing facilities around the building.

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Perhaps saddest of all is the need to ask clients not to hug each other or me - this is something we’ve always done a lot of in our community and something I’ve dearly missed whilst shielding for the past four months. However, it is more important that we can keep each other safe.

There’s a surprising amount of information to take into account when planning to reopen in a safe way and I’m not going to go into detail about all of it in this article. Instead, here’s a link to my detailed COVID-19 risk assessment. It’s a living document, so will be updated as the situation changes, but it’s a useful snapshot of how things are at the moment, as I open up bookings.

And for those who want less detailed information, but still want a good understanding of what to expect, here’s a summary of my commitments to clients, and my expectations of clients:

All sessions will be running at a maximum of one third capacity; that is a maximum of five participants, which enables everyone to be situated 2 metres apart from each other. Spaces have been marked out on the studio floor to ensure that everyone keeps to a safe distance.

You MUST NOT attend if you have had any symptoms of, or a diagnosis of COVID-19 in the preceding 14 days. If you develop symptoms after booking, please let me know immediately. Your place will be cancelled and you will receive a refund.

You will need to bring your own yoga mat and any comforts such as blankets and pillows that you would like for gong baths. No mats or soft furnishings will be available from the studio. If you arrive without a mat, it will not be possible to allow you take part. You will still be charged however.

Please bring your own water bottle; glasses of water will no longer be available.

Windows will be open, whatever the weather, so please dress warmly, especially on cold days.

You are encouraged to wear a face mask to and from your appointment, and in communal areas. Once you are in your place in the studio, these can be removed. Mahala will wear a face mask and/or visor during sessions.

On entering the main corridor, there is a hand gel station, which you are encouraged to use.

Shoes must be removed before entering the studio; please ensure you are wearing socks.

On entering the studio, you MUST use the sanitising hand gel provided before taking up your place in the studio.

The studio doors will be open until all participants have arrived and entered. They will then be closed by Mahala and opened again at the end of the session, so there is no need for you to touch the studio doors.

All belongings, such as bags and coats, must be kept with you whilst in the studio. Please keep these to a minimum.

At the end of a session, participants will leave one at a time, in reverse order to enable safe distancing.

At the end of a session, all equipment, including instruments and door handles will be disinfected.

For one-to-one sessions, some instruments will not be available for the time being. The treatment couch will not be covered, to enable proper disinfection between clients. Blankets and pillows cannot be provided.

You are asked not to hug each other at sessions! Instead, perhaps you’d like to use the Namaste greeting.

These new requirements will feel odd to us at first, but they will enable us to continue to benefit from sound therapy whilst still being responsible about keeping infection risk at a minimum.

If these changes reassure you that it’s safe to come to a gong bath or a treatment at Earthtones, then visit the Events page for booking gong baths or the treatment page to book your one-to-one sessions with me. I look forward to welcoming you back!

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