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Monday Mantra to the Planet Venus

Today's mantra is to the planet Venus. It's for anyone born under Taurus, as well as for anyone with issues concerning the throat, neck, kidneys, feet and thyroid. This mantra can also bring peace and prosperity to the home and solve domestic confusions.

Venus, in the Hindu tradition, is thought to bless people with courage, confidence, wealth, luxuries, comforts, happiness and a highly satisfying married life!

<img src="" alt="venus.png" />


Om Sri Shukraya Namaha

Ohm Shree Shuk-rye-a nam-a-har

I perceive Lord Shuka in these universal sounds. May the Lord of the planet Venus illuminate my intellect.

PS I've just noticed I spilled essential oil on my top before I did the video. Please excuse it - it's not my breakfast - honestly!

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