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Monday Mantra to Saturn for Aquarians

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

I'm sorry there wasn't a Monday Mantra last week - there's been a lot going on in January - mercury retrograde had some fun with me, and it's also been the busiest month since I launched Earthtones 4 and a half years ago! I was a little overwhelmed, and so gave myself the day off.

But we’re back this week, and repeating the mantra to Saturn, because Saturn rules over Aquarius as well as Capricorn.

So today’s Monday Mantra to Saturn for:

* Aquarians

* issues with the spleen

* those with chronic illnesses, particularly fibromyalgia

Om Sri Shanaishwaraya Swaha

Ohm Shree Shan-esh-wah-rye-ah sva-ha

“Om and salutations to the presiding spirit in the planet Saturn.”

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