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Monday Mantra to Saraswati

This mantra to Saraswati is for knowledge, wisdom, creativity, cultivating a studious mindset and for ease in learning.

Saraswati is the goddess of creativity and language and always feels to me like a gentle goddess to work with. Her cosmic function is to embody creative flow through language, speech and sound. Working with Saraswati comes from a deep place - she takes your ego away.

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You might have noticed Saraswati energy flowing through you before - have you ever had a moment of sudden understanding, a time when words have flowed easily, when ideas have appeared from nowhere, often fully formed? This is Saraswati at work.

Her name means "the flowing One" and in one of her oldest forms, she is the goddess of the sacred river. The Saraswati River flowed in ancient northern India. The goddess Saraswati is said to have a personification of river Saraswati; but she later developed an independent identity, at which point the river itself dried up. (Satellite images have proved this river did once exist).

Saraswati is associated with flow in all its forms:

as water: the nourishing water of life, without which there could be no life; the water from which life first emerged; the water of the womb; the water of essential creativity;

as the moon: governing the flow of the tides and radiating cool beams of purity and grace (according to Hindu iconography);

with intellect and inspiration, flowing from the subtlest level of the mind;

with eloquent speech which, at its best, flows directly from that primal grace source;

with music. Classical Indian music characteristically flows; notes stream like water from the sitar and the sarod, seeming to come from the air itself. Indian musicians keep images of Saraswati on their altars for musical inspiration is impossible without her.

Our mantra is:

Om Aing Mahasaraswatyai Namah

Ohm Eeng Ma-ha-sar-as-wut-yay nam-ar

"I meditate and bow to Maha Saraswati Devi"

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