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Monday Mantra to Realise the Nature of I

This is one of the most basic and most powerful mantras.

It is the sound that links created sound and the universal ॐ; it is the sound of our breath. It is a reminder that we are a soul in the universe and we just "are". Our soul just is.

<img src="" alt="I am that.png" />

I am that.png

It's more too. Karma is split into 2 types - that which we resolve in this life through spiritual practice and remedying what we have done; and the karma that we choose to store for a future life to deal with. Focused practice of this mantra can burn through this stored karma.

"With every inhale and exhale, you live out one life-time and the focussed blast of energy you are invoking ‘burns’ your stored karma."

Ham Sah

harm sar

I Am That

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