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Monday Mantra to Radha

A drawing of Krishna and Radha within a heart

Today's #MondayMantra is to Radha, consort of Lord Krishna. Krishna and Radha are known as the great love of the Hindu pantheon, even though they were never actually together.

Invoke Radha for:

* experiencing your own sensuality

* deepening your love of nature

* bringing passion into your work, studies, friendships, family and relationships

* falling in love with the divine and seeing the divine all around you

* bringing passion into your spiritual practice

OM Vishabhanujayai vidmahe

Krishnapriyai dimahi

Tanno Radha prachodyat

ohm vri-shuh-bar-noo-juh-yay vid-muh-hey

Krish-nuh-pree-yay deem-a-hee

Tan-noh Rard-uh pra-cho-dye-at-ay

Om, may I receive the wisdom of the daughter of Vrishabhanu

May Krishna's beloved illumine my intellect

May I meditate on Radha

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