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Monday Mantra to Mercury

I’m so sorry there was no Monday Mantra last week. I had tonsillitis and had hoped to do it later in the week, but it was not to be. So here we are, full recovered and doing last week’s intended mantra. Let’s do this!

Today's Monday Mantra is to the planet Mercury. In mantra terms, this is the planet that looks after Geminis (me! I’m Gemini!). This mantra is also for increasing intelligence and for dealing with issues with the arms, hands and lungs.

<img src="" alt="3.png" />


In Hinduism, Buddha is regarded as a god or deva and also one of the many avatars of Vishnu. Buddha is the deva who rules over Mercury, and so this Mercury is named Budha in Hindi.

Om Sri Budhaya Namaha

Ohm shree Bud-eye-a nam-a-har

"I bow down to Buddha, god of the planet Mercury"

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