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Monday Mantra to Foster Compassion

Today’s mantra is to help us not just be compassionate, but to become compassion itself. We live in a world that judges first, considers later, for the most part. It’s so easy to see this on social media, where people are torn apart over all kinds of things, with no thought to the effect all those words may have on that person.

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We live in a world that is in dire need of more love and understanding and we can’t wait for someone else to pick up that baton; it has to start with us, in the hope that others will follow.

When we have no judgement, we see everyone with kindness. We can choose compassion over judgement and by doing so, become a conduit for peace, understanding and happiness. We don't condemn, we love.

This mantra will help you become compassion. But I know chanting mantra isn’t for everyone, so here’s another really quick thing you can do each morning to help you reach the same place (you can also do it before events, meetings, conversations etc that are likely to try your patience!).

Take a slow, deep breath in. As you slowly breathe out, direct your focus away from your head and into your heartspace. Imagine pushing that breath down into your heart chakra. Breathing away from judgement and into love. Give it a try!

Karuna Hum

Kuh-roona hoom

"I am Compassion"

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