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Monday Mantra to Embody the Energy of Durga

Today’s mantra helps us embody divine feminine energy and its attendant power - authority as a creative force, giver of life, protector and more. There are several mantras than can be used to the same effect and the one I've chosen is one that I think is easy for everyone to pick up.

This mantra also allows you to insert the name of whichever Goddess you wish to work with, which is great for allowing you to enhance particular aspects of sacred feminine energy. My “go to” Goddess for this mantra is Durga, or other aspects of Durga – Kali or Chamunda for instance.

<img src="" alt="om mata durga.png" />

om mata durga.png

Durga is a mother Goddess who known for emotional strength, and also for not taking any nonsense from anyone. I find this really important in my own work with her – both that I can enhance those aspects of myself, but also I like working with a goddess who won’t take any nonsense from me, and doesn’t let me hide from the work I need to do.

So, here’s today’s mantra:

Om Mata, om Mata Durga

Mata Jagadamba

Ohm Mutta, om Mutta door-ga

Mutta jag-a-dumba

Om Mother, Om Mother, Salutations to Durga, who is a mother to the world.

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