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Monday Mantra to Durga for Overcoming Difficulties

Monday Mantra is to Durga. Later this week, Navratri, the nine day festival of Durga, begins. During this festival, Durga is worshipped in many of her different guises and it's a chance to really get to know her.

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The mantra I've chosen for today is Durga's Gayatri mantra - sort of like her signature mantra. It can be used to petition her for help, in this case, her help in overcoming all difficulties.

Om Katyayanyei cha Vidmahe Kanyakumaryei Dhimahi Tanno Durga Prachodyat

Ohm Kat-ya-yan-yay cha Vid-mah-hee

Kan-yay-kum-are-ee Dim-ah-hee

tan-no Door-ga Pra-cho-dye-at-ay

insert meaning here.

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