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Monday Mantra to Durga

Today's mantra is to the Divine Mother, Durga. She's a fierce and powerful goddess, but compassionate too. Using this mantra bestows her protection and gives emotional strength. It also destroys external threats and internal negative forces, such as anger, hatred and jealousy.

<img src="" alt="durga4.png" />


Durga is the goddess I work with daily in my personal spiritual path and I find her assistance to be both swift and powerful. In the video, you’ll see two of the three images of her that are on my altar.

<img src="" alt="durgastatue.jpg" />


Om dum Durgayei Swaha

ohm doom door-ga-yay -sva-ha

Salutations to the One who bestows compassion, fearlessness and patience. Bless me with your protection and love.

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