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Monday Mantra: Recognise the Divinity Within

This week’s Monday Mantra is a very philosophical one. It’s the idea that there is no difference between the creator and the created - that there is no “god” above us; that we are in fact part of a universal, divine energy, creator and created the same.

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Taken literally, this mantra means “I am God”, but it doesn’t mean that in an egoistic way. Instead, it suggests that we are literally the same as “God” because there is that universal energy that is in everything, that is everything. In this sense, we really are divine, not just made from the same energy as “God”, but inseparable from the divine.

This can be a tricky mantra to recite - not from technical difficulty, but from an ego sense - one must master the ego to successfully recite this mantra, and fully understand what “I am God” really means.

Aham Brahmasmi

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