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Monday Mantra: Rama

Rama is a warrior god, a beloved avatar of Vishnu. He is well known as the hero of the Ramayana, the most famous part of which is the story of Rama and his wife Sita, told at Diwali.

Dasharatha was King of Ayodhya and had three wives and four sons: Kaushalya, whose son was Rama, the eldest of the four brothers; Kaikeyi, his favourite wife, whose son was Bharata; and Sumithra, who was mother to twins Lakshmana and Shatrughna. Rama married Princess Sita, after snapping Shiva's bow to prove his worthiness. When King Dasharatha decided to retire, he planned to make his eldest son his successor. However, Kaikeyi wanted her son to be King, so she enforced an oath Dasharatha had made to her many years before and had him banish Rama to the forest for 14 years. Rama went peacefully and was accompanied by Sita and his brother Lakshmana. One day, the two brothers wounded a demon princess who had tried to seduce Rama and she, with her brother Ravana, sought revenge. Demon King Ravana sent one of his demons to the forest, disguised as a magical golden deer. Sita saw the deer and wanted so the brothers went to track it down. Before they left, they drew a protective circle around Sita and warned her to stay within it. As soon as the brothers left, Ravana appeared as a Holy man begging alms, and Sita stepped out of the circle to pay her respects and give him food. Ravana grabbed her and took her hostage on the island of Lanka. When the brothers returned and realised Sita was missing, they enlisted the help of Hanuman, the monkey King. Hanuman instructed his army to search for Sita and when she was located on Lanka the army, along with the brothers, built a bridge from India to Lanka to rescue her. An epic battle took place during which Rama killed several of Ravana's brothers before confronting the the ten-headed demon King himself. He defeated Ravana and freed Sita and they, along with Lakshmana, returned to Ayodhya, where Bharata returned the crown to Rama, the rightful King.

Rama is worshipped as a protector, and is known for his power to take away pain of all kinds. This mantra is a profound healing mantra, useful for those experiencing pain.

Om Ram Ramaya Swaha

I offer this sound to Rama, the healer

Every Monday, I go live on Facebook with a healing mantra. You can be included in the energy I send out during that mantra by leaving a comment on the post announcing it, which is published on Sundays.

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