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Monday Mantra: Om Hari

Monday Mantra this week consists of just two words: Om Hari. It's sung, rather than chanted and is very relaxing.

"Hari" means "to remove". This mantra activates the chakras and alleviates suffering by removing negative energies. "The Daily Meditation"I explains how:

Our spiritual being operates through prana, the life fore. Prana runs throughout our nadis (the energy channels in our body). The body contains thousands of nadis and seven chakras. It is through these nadis and chakras that we channel energy. But sometimes that energy does not flow correctly. And sometimes the chakras get blocked. When we clear the chakras we improve our psychical, spiritual and psychological health.

If you would like to be included in the energy box for my live Monday Mantra, follow me on Facebook; I announce each Sunday what the following day's mantra will be and invite submissions for the box. The box full of names is where I focus my energy during the mantra.

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