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Monday Mantra for Weight Loss

If weight loss - however much or little - is on your agenda, this mantra to Varuna, the god of Celestial Waters is said to help. Used daily, preferably first thing in the morning, the advice is to drink two glasses of water before you chant.

depicting tools for weight loss: fruit and vegetables and a tape measure.

This mantra can also be used to remove the blocks to a more powerful and spiritual self, and blessings in business. The advice here is to take yourself off to a body of water that makes you feel peaceful - it doesn't need to an especially spiritual or famous body of water (so no

need to go the Ganges or the Chalice Well for example), just somewhere you like and feel at peace. Chant beside the water, or in the water if that feels right for you!

Om Vam Varunaya Namah

Ohm varm var-oon-eye-ah nam-ah


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