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Monday Mantra for the Healing Energy of the Sun

Today’s Monday Mantra is for healing of all kinds, calling on the healing energy of the sun. For extra potency, try and chant this one outside in the sun, if you can.

<img src="" alt="sun.png" />


This mantra also activates the petals in the Solar Plexus chakra producing powerful healing vibrations. The solar plexus governs wisdom, self-evaluation, will, self-esteem and personal power. It also has connections to digestion. Signs of imbalance here can include anxiety, irrational fear and even diabetes. In addition, anger and aggression can be signs of a blockage in Manipura, the Solar Plexus. If you're in need of healing, or need to strengthen your solar plexus then this mantra is for you.

Om Arkaya Namaha

Ohm ark-eye-a narm-a-har

Om and Salutations to the Shining One who removes afflictions.

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