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Monday Mantra for the Destruction of Ego

Ego is something we all battle with at times and this mantra to the Goddess Kali is aimed at eliminating ego-based actions and thoughts.

<img src="" alt="maa-kali-images-png--700.png" />


Kali is often thought of as a fearsome goddess with her dark blue skin, wild black hair flowing over her shoulders, naked except for a skirt of severed arms and a necklace of skulls. Her tongue sticks out, the sword she holds in one hand drips with blood, as does the severed head she holds in another. She stands over the body of Shiva. Working with Kali is not for the fainthearted. Kali is multifaceted and multi-layered, both as an inner force – a spiritual and psychological power – and as a force in the universe.

Om KaliKaye Namaha

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