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Monday Mantra for Strength, Stamina & Success

This week’s Monday Mantra is a powerful mantra for success which will remove obstacles and problems, as well as giving physical strength, stamina and power.⁠ It is dedicated to Hanuman, known as the Monkey King.

Hanuman is perhaps best known for his role in the rescue of Sita from the evil demon-King Ravana, who had kidnapped her and taken her to his kingdom on the island of Lanka.

The story, a major theme of the Diwali festival, features in the epic Ramayana, which documents hero warrior Rama’s many battles.

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Prince Rama, having been banished from his Kingdom by his father (who was influenced by his wife, Rama’s step-mother, who wanted her own son to be heir), went to live in the forest with his wife Sita and brother Lakshman. During their time there, Ravana disguised himself as a golden deer and appeared to Sita, before running off into the forest. Sita begged her companions to catch the deer for her, but before they left Rama, who knew the dangers of leaving his wife alone in the forest, drew a protective circle around Sita and begged her to stay within it. She agreed and the two men set off in search of the deer.

A short while later, an elderly man who was clearly in need of assistance, came to rest a short way from Sita’s protective circle. She dashed to help him, not realising this was again Ravana in disguise, who grabbed her and abducted her. When Rama and Lakshman returned to find her gone, their search began, but there was no sign of her.

Hanuman, the monkey king, offered his assistance and he flew over the forest to get a better view. Eventually he located Sita on the island of Lanka and returned to tell Rama. He then enlisted the help of his army of monkeys, who built a bridge to Lanka, and a great battle began. Ravana was slain by Rama, who rescued his wife and then, their twelve year banishment over, returned with his wife and brother to their home. They were welcomed home by joyous subjects, and his step-brother gave up the throne, recognising that Rama was the rightful king.

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Om Sri Hanuman Namaha

“Salutations to Hanuman, the embodiment of awakened pranic energy”

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