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Monday Mantra for Overcoming Difficulties

This week's mantra for overcoming difficulties is a mantra to the goddess Durga. We usually use the Ganapathi mantra to Ganesha for removing obstacles but I feel that this Durga mantra is more about removing the difficulties inside us, especially any issues we're having with self sabotage or mindset.

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This mantra is Durga's Gayatri mantra. A Gayatri mantra is almost like a "signature" mantra and many deities have one. They are used to praise, petition and to connect your consciousness to the deity or energy you invoke.

This one is sung rather then chanted. I adore this mantra. It's powerful, but it also feels so good to sing and makes me feel so connected to Maa Durga 🙏

Om Katyayanyai cha Vidmahe

Kanyakamari Dhimahi

Tanno Durga Prachodyat

"Om. May we come to know the Goddess Katyayai

May we meditate on the maiden goddess

May that Goddess Durga, who overcomes all difficulties, impel us forward on our path"

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