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Monday Mantra for Navratri

Skandamata, who is worshipped on day 5 of Navratri

This week's Monday Mantra is finally here! Apologies for the late arrival - I lost my voice for two days this week, and the day in between I had to drive to London and back! So, here we are at last, with a different mantra than billed, as we are now on day five of Navratri and not day two.

So today the mantra is to Skanda Mata, a motherly aspect of Maa Durga, and consequently, this mantra gives us the love, protection and strength of a mother's love.

Navratri is the nine day festival of the Goddess Durga, during which a different aspect of her is celebrated each day, in the form of a different goddess each day. Every day, worshippers wear the colour associated with that day - which changes based on the day of the week that the festival begins! This year, day five requires us to wear yellow (not a colour I have much - if any - of in my wardrobe, since it makes me look ill! I get around it by wearing a yellow cotton scarf around my neck).

Om Devi Skandmatiyei Namah


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