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Monday Mantra for Moksha

The Sanskrit symbol OM. Getting to know the true meaning of OM is essential for achieving Moksha.

Moksha is the liberation of the soul (atman) from the cycle of birth, death and rebirth. The goal in both Hinduism and Buddhism is to escape Samsara - this cycle of rebirth, rather than to keep being reborn, even if each rebirth is better. In Hinduism, that means rejoining the Paramātman - the Universal Soul.

We're often led to believe that the way to do this is to create lots of good karma for ourselves, so that eventually we'll stop being reborn. The pandit (priest) at our local temple taught teaches that creating good karma has nothing to do with reaching moksha - it simply improves our rebirths.

Instead, we need to get to know the One (by whichever name you choose to use). Hindus generally use the name Brahman, which can be thought of as Ultimate Reality, Divine Consciousness, or even the Supreme God. Ultimately, we need to realise that we are not a separate entity to Brahman, we are Brahman, we just need to rejoin him.

The pandit suggested spending 5 minutes, three times a day working on this. Each time, spend two minutes meditating on the image of OM, and three minutes chanting OM, the most important mantra of all. In this way we will come to understand the true meaning of ourselves and of OM.

So for today's Monday Mantra, we decided to chant OM, accompanied by the Shruti box. 🕉


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