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Monday Mantra for Manifestation

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

I'm not a great believer in New Year's resolutions - they mainly end up broken and usually come with a huge helping of guilt mixed in along the way. Why do this to ourselves? Instead, I prefer to think about my goals and what I want to manifest into my life.

At our New Year Gong Bath Retreat, we asked participants to write down their goals for 2023, and then bury the paper in a small plant pot, and sow some lavender seeds on top. As you tend to the seeds, you tend to your goals. My own plant pot from the session is now sitting on my altar, where I sit to do my morning mantra practice each day.

This mantra is for manifestation. You can use it every day with your goal in mind, or chant it in front of your pot of intentions. It’s simple to say, and it’s meaning is simple too - I am that. The secret to manifestation is to see yourself as or with what you’re manifesting. You already are that. You already have that. I AM THAT.

So Hum

soh hoom

"I am that"

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