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Monday Mantra for Grounding

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

At this time of year, we get so busy it can be hard to feel balanced and grounded whilst still accomplishing everything we need to do. As I think about my to-do list for the coming few weeks, it can be easy to feel that I’ll get lost beneath it all; there’s so much to do. I have Christmas to organise - presents to choose, food to buy and cook, visits to family to plan, as well as presents to start and finish making. There’s lots to do at work too - clients to fit in, training to complete, courses to plan. There are children to organise - plays to see, teachers and lecturers to meet, parties to go to. It’s no wonder we feel like we need a holiday by the time we get to the new year!

This mantra will keep you grounded. It won’t complete your to-do list for you, but using it each morning will keep your feet on the floor and give you the stamina to get things done and still feel like you have the energy to enjoy Christmas when you’ve finished doing All The Things.

Om Muladhara'ik Nilayayei Namaha

ohm mull-ad-arr-ah-eek neela-yah-yay nam-a-har

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