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Monday Mantra for Facing Your Demons

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

Today’s Monday Mantra is for facing your inner demons and embarking on radical self enquiry. It’s a mantra to encourage you to do these things. It will not do the work for you (if only!). It’s work that needs doing, but it’s not easy work and we often shy away from it. Shy away no more!

This mantra uses one name for Cinnamasta, a badass demon who takes no sh!t. If you can find your courage to work with her, she will reward you.

Om eim hrim klim vajravairochanyei hum hum phat swaha

Ohm eem h-reem kleem vajz-rah-v-eye-roh-chan-yay hoom hoom fut sva-ha

There’s no direct translation for this mantra, as it’s mainly Cinnamasta’s name and various seed sounds.

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