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Monday Mantra for Confidence and Inner Strength

A compass with the needle pointing towards the word "Confidence"

Today's Monday Mantra is a mantra to the goddess Chamunda. Chamunda is another name for the goddess Kali, a name she earned in battle after slaying two Generals named Chanda and Munda.

This mantra is said to give us confidence and inner strength, and belief in our own abilities. Associated with the feminine principle, this mantra produces an extremely powerful effect, giving us a sense of our own power, and the wisdom to use that power well.

Om Eim Hrim Klim Chamundayei Vichei Namaha

Ohm eem h-reem kleem Cham-under-yay Vi-shee nam-a-har

Om and Salutations to she who is radiant with power and wisdom

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