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Monday Mantra for Change

This Monday Mantra (on a Friday!) is very late, for which I can only apologise. I woke up on Monday morning with no voice and so couldn’t make the video. I’d hoped I’d be able to record on Tuesday instead but my voice was not up for playing apparently. So, it’s taken until today to be able to manage to get the video done, and as you’ll hear, my voice is still not back up to full strength. I’m not unwell at all; it’s only my voice that is having issues, and I need to get on to doing some work on my throat chakra to strengthen my voice, because it’s always been an issue for me!

So, today’s mantra is all about change, whether that be changes we want to make, or changes that are being thrust upon us. It's useful for accepting that there are things you want to change - it helps you to appreciate the need for a change before you then work on the actual changes.

<img src="" alt="change.png" />


Neti Neti

Net-ay, net-ay

Not This, Not This

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