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Monday Mantra for Better Understanding

Some days, things just don't go according to plan! I made mistakes in this morning's Monday Mantra and had to start again, and I was going to post an edited video here. But as I was about to upload it, I realised that doing that would really not be authentic at all. So here is the original, unedited video, warts and all.

PS I did eventually manage to do the mantra properly!

<img src="" alt="understanding.png" />


This is the Gayatri mantra for Vishnu. Vishnu mantras are generally to do with fear and this "signature mantra" for Lord Vishnu helps us understand a given situation better to remove the fear of that situation. So if you have fear or anxiety over something in your life, this mantra will give a clearer understanding to avoid the need for fear and anxiety.

Om sri Vishnave Cha Vidmahe

Vasudevaya Dhimihi

Tanno Vishnuh Prochodyat

"Om, let me meditate on Lord Vishnu

Oh Lord Vishnu, give me higher intellect

and Lord Vishnu, illuminate my mind"

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