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Monday Mantra for Anxiety

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

We’re finally back with Monday Mantra! It’s been a very odd summer, with closing one centre and moving into another, juggling three children off school for the summer, adopting a puppy, and then two children starting in new education settings and the youngest leaving school to be home educated again. Finally we feel more settled again. The new centre is taking shape and we’re all finding our new routines. And with that comes the space to think about Monday Mantra, and finding time to actually sit and perform it. And I am so thankful to have that space back and have even managed to pick my own spiritual practice back up, having abandoned it in the chaos (when I needed it most, of course!)

So, this week's Monday Mantra is for those struggling with anxiety or fear. Many of us experience anxiety, and for some it can be crippling. Whilst there are several options to try and alleviate this, I wanted to offer up this mantra as an additional source of help. It helps relieve anxiety and fear and instills a sense of fearlessness - something we could all do with from time to time.

Om Durgaya Namah

om door-ga-yah nam-ah

“Salutations to the one who bestows compassion, fearlessness and patience. Bless me with your protection and love.”

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