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Monday Mantra for Abundance

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

This week's Monday Mantra is to MahaLakshmi, asking for abundance and prosperity at a time when many are struggling with cost of living rises.

In Hinduism, it's perfectly acceptable to ask Lakshmi for money, or abundance in some other way (whichever you need), as long as you thank her, and do not use the book for bad purposes.

I’ve used this mantra many times and always been astounded by the results, which have included enough money materialising to allow me to leave an abusive marriage, and a similar thing happening when I needed money to keep my business from folding during the year it was closed for Covid, and in the early days of the recovery when we re-opened.

Om Sri MahaLakshmiyei Namaha

ohm shree ma-ha lak-sh-mee-yay nam-a-har

Om. I offer salutations to the great Goddess of Good Fortune.

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