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Monday Mantra: Elimination of Fear

Today’s Monday Mantra is part of the series of mantras used to eliminate undesirable conditions and emotions; in this case, fear. When I say fear, I mean all kinds of fear - fear of an event, a person, a situation. General fear and anxiety. Fear for the world, for the future. Fear of something happening; fear of something not happening. All kinds of fear.

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The mantra invokes Supreme Peace and offers up our fear back to its ultimate, universal source. If it’s not serving us, we don’t need or want it, so offer it back!

Shante Prashante Sarva Bhaya Upasha Mani Swaha

If you’d like to be included in the energy of one of my Monday Mantras, check out my Facebook page and Instagram feed in the late afternoon and evening on Sundays, which is when I post asking for names for the next day’s mantra.

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