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Monday Mantra Double Whammy

A double whammy this week - because I took two weeks off work for a much needed break - and a quick trip to the South of France to meet my fiancé’s father for the first time - there hasn’t been a Monday Mantra for 3 weeks now. However, last week’s mantra should have been one of our astrological series and this week’s mantra is for Diwali, so I didn’t feel like I could miss either of these out. So instead, you get a double mantra this week!

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First up is a mantra to Mars for Scorpios, for quietening excessive mental chatter, for eliminating debts, for calming the overwhelm when you've too much to do, for healing the root chakra.

Om Ang Angarakaya Namaha

ohm ung ung-guruk-eye-ah nam-a-har

Om and Salutations to the Lord who is red in colour.

Secondly, a mantra to Lakshmi, since it is Diwali this week (Thursday). Diwali is the start of the new financial year, and Lakshmi is worshipped at this time, to ask for abundance, success in business, happiness and contentment, good health, fertility and cultivating gratitude.

Om Sri Mahalakshmiyei Namaha

ohm shree ma-ha-lak-shmee-yay nam-a-har

Om, I offer Salutations to the great goddess of good fortune.

If you'd like to mark Diwali, you can do so very simply - a statue (or even a picture from the internet that you've printed out), some money (doesn't need to be much) and something to represent your business or a project you'd like success with is all you need. Put them in a clean space, light some incense and chant the Lakshmi mantra, setting your intentions as you do - just thinking before you start about what you want out of this is good enough!

Of course, you can also visit your local mandir (Hindu temple) and join in their celebrations - they are always very welcoming! You can expect some lively worship, great food and fireworks 🎆

I’ll visiting our mandir in Nottingham with my youngest two children. We don’t attend temple very often, but they love to go for Diwali!

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