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How to Make a Mala Tutorial Video

A mala is the string of beads used to count repetitions of a mantra when chanting. Mala contain 108 beads, meaning a full mala of any mantra is 108 repetitions. The reason for this, as I was taught it, is that there are believed to be 108 threads between humanity and divinity and chanting a mantra 108 times activates each of these threads, allowing us to access the divine energy we are seeking.

<img src="" alt="Rosewood Mala" />

Rosewood Mala

Rosewood Mala

Mala can be made from any kind of bead, but the most common is rosewood. I love rosewood mala for their simplicity and for the way the beads change their hue after years of use. It’s common to make mala from semi precious stones and crystals too though. My person mala is made from unakite.

Seeds are also used extensively in malas, with both lotus seeds and seeds from the Bodhgaya tree being popular. Malas made from rudraksha seeds are sought after by worshippers of Lord Shiva.

<img src="" alt="Rudraksha seeds" />

Rudraksha seeds

Rudraksha seeds

In this video, I show you the tools you'll need to make a mala and how to create your own.

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