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Full Moon Energy and Thank you!

Wow! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

It’s 10.45pm I've just got home from tonight's gong bath and I am so, so grateful to everyone who came.

It was the first full moon gong bath this year; the first cacao ceremony this year - in fact the first in this "new studio (even though it's almost a year since I moved in there now!) and the first since lockdown began last year.

<img src="" alt="moonmed.jpg" />


And the energies were huge. I can't begin to describe what I was feeling when I was playing, especially the gongs - and particularly the Fung Gong - the wind gong, which took flight all on its own!

I always feel great when playing the gongs, but tonight was something else altogether, and the cacao journey I had was an amazing insight into the energies surrounding us this evening.

<img src="" alt="CEREMONIALCACAO.jpg" />


It felt so special to be back doing what I love and I thank everyone who came for sharing this with me. 🙏

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