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Five Benefits of Sound Therapy

What are the benefits of Sound Therapy? Every sound has a vibration we can feel in our bodies, sometimes very deeply, sometimes on a more subtle level. Every cell in our bodies is affected by vibration, and each is subject to its own vibration on a minuscule scale. Sound therapy uses these factors to “shake up” old patterns of tension, negative thoughts and emotions that do not serve us anymore.

Here are some of the benefits of sound therapy:

Stress Reduction. Stress is recognised as a common cause of both physical and mental dysfunction. Luckily most of us are at least partially aware of our stress levels at certain times. Unfortunately, because stress has become normalised in modern life, so we often fail to act quickly enough when it begins to manifest in our lives and physical bodies. Stress causes tension, and consequently tension causes dis-ease.

Releasing Emotion. Sound and emotions are very strongly linked in humans, of course. If you need convincing of this just take some time to watch preschool children at play! The delighted shrieks of the paddling pool can change, in a moment to the deafening howls of a tantrum. In the same way, these can turn into whoops of delight at the appearance of an ice cream! As adults, we learn to repress spontaneous sounds, both of delight and displeasure, because they are sometimes inappropriate in the presence of others. Have you ever taken yourself off to a relatively quiet place to give vent to a roar of rage, or an epic bout of swearing where nobody can hear you? If not, why not? Try it some time. You’ll be amazed at how much tension you can release just through the power of your voice.

Making Positive Changes. The deep, resonating vibrations of Himalayan singing bowls or gongs work at a profound cellular level. They literally shake off unwanted tension and clear the way for more productive behaviours and thought patterns. Sound therapy induces deep relaxation, and as a result our bodies can heal and regenerate.

Releasing Tension. It is no coincidence that we use expressions like “bite your tongue” when we want to stop from saying what we really feel. However, not expressing your true feelings can lead to energetic blockages and tension. This in turn can quite quickly manifest as throat, neck shoulder and stomach troubles. Sound therapy provides a safe, enjoyable way of releasing these blockages and cleansing the energies. This leaves you free to express yourself with positive integrity.

Aiding Recovery after Medical Interventions. This is something that the Chinese have long recognised as being of particular importance in healing. Although we give our “intellectual” consent to various surgeries, because we know they are necessary, our bodies still react with shock to the invasion of the surgeon’s knife. They tense up against it, and if we are holding cortisol and adrenaline in our cells as a result of this reaction, this slows down our rate of recovery. Sound therapy can help to melt the adrenaline away in a bath of pure vibration.

Now you know some of the benefits of Sound Therapy, why not give it ago?

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