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Chakra Check-in: The Crown

“The mysteries of the crown chakra cannot be explained, only experienced.”

Anodea Judith

The crown chakra is a mystery, yet our relationship with this chakra will determine our relationship with Spirit; this chakra is our gateway to higher realms of consciousness.

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By tapping into the crown chakra, we can live more spiritually, bringing a sense of the sacred into everyday life. By connecting with our crown chakra, we become more aware and consequently, more mindful of our thoughts, feelings, actions, and bodies.

As this awareness develops, our sensitivity grows. This increased psychic sensitivity enhances a deeper connection with ourselves and with others, allowing us to live in a more soulful and spiritual way. Through connecting with our crown chakra, we can begin to find value and depth in the simplest of our daily experiences.

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Here are some of the ways in which you can ensure your crown chakra stays in tip-top condition:

Practice meditation or relaxation daily to help quieten the mind, making the connection to Spirit more accessible. If you struggle with meditation, a personal mantra practice might be more your thing.

Develop your own relationship with Spirit, whether this be with God, angels, spirit guides, or just a higher source. Trust what feels right for you.

Regularly ask for higher guidance and let these spiritual forces guide you. Remain open to inspiration (when you become inspired, you are in-spirit.)

Commit to your own spiritual practice, whatever that may be. Picking litter can be a spiritual practice for some. Making it personal to you makes it meaningful for you.

Try to embody spiritual lessons in your everyday life and give regular thanks (to the universe, spirit, god(s), whatever feels right to you).

You can also visit the Earthtones studio for a chakra balancing session or a Power Hour, to get your chakras in great shape. After such a session, I recommend using some of these suggestions (from all the chakras) to keep your chakras open.

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