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Chakra Check-In: Solar Plexus

As we continue our delve into the chakras, today we look at the Solar Plexus, our power centre. This is where we get out "fight or flight" reactions, our control, and sometimes, our perfectionism.

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We are powerful beings - energetically, physically, mentally, emotionally, but it’s fair to say we don’t always recognise this and sometimes we are not ready to own this. When we don’t fight for what we are worth, when we settle for less than we should, this is imbalanced solar plexus chakra at work.

If you give in rather than argue your corner, if you think “anything for a quiet life” and go along with something to avoid confrontation, then your solar plexus is under active.

You can think back to recent interactions with people to determine the state of your solar plexus chakra, but you can also read these statements. Take a breath, settle yourself and read them mindfully.

I feel confident in most situations.

I can laugh easily.

I see projects and commitments through to completion.

I feel I have a healthy digestive system.

I speak up for myself.

I have the courage to take risks when necessary.

I establish appropriate boundaries for myself.

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Which feel true for you and which don’t resonate at all. If they all feel true, and strong, your solar plexus is in good shape. If not, then there is some work to do here. I can help you work on your solar plexus through sound therapy, but there are also some things you can do at home:

Experiment with playing in the solar plexus chakra – wear yellow or bring the colour yellow more into your life;

do some physical workouts to charge up your energy, and then rest to restore;

meditate on a candle flame and connect with the element of fire;

laugh (true laughter comes straight from the solar plexus chakra!);

is there something you have been wanting to do? Take the risk and move forwards in your life with your powerful solar energy

If these things aren’t enough, there are lots of other techniques that can help you strengthen your chakras. Why not book a call with me to discuss how I can help?

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