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Chakra Check-in: Sacral Chakra

Today, we're looking at the sacral chakra. It is linked to sexuality but another aspect of Svadhistana is often overlooked. This chakra is also our creativity centre, and a good indication of how this chakra is doing is how well your creativity is flowing.

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So how do you choose to express your creativity? For me, it used to be crocheted art. I can't draw for toffee, but I can crochet pictures and scenes and all kinds of things. However, it's not often I do that now because of an injured hand.

An easy way for me to gauge how things are flowing is how easily I find planning new sessions or creating new soundscapes. If it comes easily, then my sacral chakra is balanced and open. If it is a struggle to do, then my sacral needs work.

What about you? How easy do you find it to say “I am creative” and mean it? If it’s not resonating, then perhaps you need to support your sacral chakra more. Here are some simple ways to put the basics in place:

Get support on any emotional issues going on in your life. This may include finding a form of therapy such as counselling or energetic healing, etc;

Try not to keep feelings bottled up but find safe ways to express and release emotions such as talking to a friend, chanting, dancing, painting, journal keeping;

Find a regular practice to help keep you emotionally balanced such as meditation, yoga, chi gung, relaxation exercises etc;

Create opportunities for pleasurable feelings in your life. Find the time to do things you really enjoy; create some ‘you’ time every day; spend time with positive and uplifting people;

Create an emotionally calming environment in your home by cleansing your personal space with incense and burning candles.

With the basics covered, you may find your sacral is balanced enough, but if not, you can work on it with various healing methods, such as sound therapy, essential oils, crystals etc. Having a good strong foundation will make any healing you engage in more successful, more quickly.

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