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Chakra Check-in: Root Chakra

We're working our way through the chakras, examining situations that might cause them to be unbalanced. Today, the root chakra.

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I think I'm lucky that I generally feel safe in the world and in most situations I find myself in. However, I recently had a reminder that the world is not always a safe place for my LGBT+ children and I felt almost paralysed with fear for their safety. Thankfully, we were also reminded that the authorities we see, via the media, so often getting things horribly wrong, do get things very right sometimes too. Wow, that got heavy! What makes you feel unsafe in your life? It can be as heavy or as light an answer as feels right for you.

If the affirmation “I feel safe” doesn’t resonate for you, it may be an indication that there is imbalance in the root chakra. There are lots of different things that you can do to help remedy that. Here are a few ideas:

Create a clean and healthy home environment and spend as much time as possible in healthy environments, especially nature;

Find a form of exercise that really suits you and carry it out in a balanced way;

Eat healthily and ensure that you are getting the right vitamins, minerals, and nutrients for your body;

Learn to listen to your body’s needs – know the signs when illness is coming on, or when you need to take a break etc;

Limit the amount of toxins you put into your body – this includes alcohol and drugs, but also the toxins in the food you eat, the chemicals in your cleaning products and the products you put on your skin etc.

If you can do as much of these as possible, that gives a good, solid base to work from and then you can tinker with various healing techniques to really get the balance right - if that is necessary.

Next up, we’ll be examining the sacral chakra.

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