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Breath Awareness - Two Minute Meditation

We’re living in strange and unsettling times and even the most level headed amongst us can fall victim to anxiety - and it’s no wonder. We’ve not been faced with a situation like this in our lifetimes and the change to how we live, even if for just a few weeks can be enough to make some days very hard indeed.

This two minute meditation can be done sitting on a chair and as often as suits you. It’s calming, it helps focus and it gives you something else to think about.

Be kind to yourself and find ways of taking your mind off the situation “out there”, even if it’s just for a few minutes.

So, make yourself comfortable in a chair to do this awareness exercise. Return to it often and journal how it makes you feel on different occasions, both before and after the exercise.

Please keep yourself, your family and your community safe by staying at home except in the exceptional circumstances outlined by the government. Let’s all do our part.

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